Corporate Identity, Front End Web Design, UX, Custom Merchandise, Print Design, Kickstarter Campaign Development, Illustration, Marketing, Animation, Product Development.

About the Project

INSITE came to us to design and develop their brand in 2014. We undertook a range of brand/identity/front end web design for them, developing all concept and copy from the ground up.

We undertook all front end design for their new website, including mock ups and wire frames for the new web page UI were developed in tandem with the client. It included the implementation of an accessibility tool bar to change text/ colour and size throughout the site. The design was mobile first and to be built in PHP.

We developed a custom email template for use to market their kickstarter campaign, as well as other promotional materials to attract attention via social media. We also produced an e-book about the importance of accessibility and inclusive digital design, including writing all copy and generating custom info graphics.

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