Jason's Landscaping


Logo, Site Signage, Vehicle Graphic Design

About the Project

Jason's were a rapidly growing company when they approached us to design a new identity for them.

After researching their market and customer base we agreed on a design that added a sense of heritage and reliability to their identity. We used a condensed bold serif font to give it impact and added an oak leaf detail to both enhance their identity as arboriculturalists and add an element of tradition (the oak tree being an old English symbol).

The client was also keen to add before/after images to all publicity material to give prospective clients a sense of the transformative possibilities available with the company. We achieved this in a cohesive way by using polaroid style shots, plan view drawings and writing material so that customers could see that they offered a complete service - from design to delivery.

This identity was rolled out across vehicles, high visibility site boards and print material. As their vehicles were a high value advertising asset for their business both on site and travelling to/from jobs we added a distinctive graphic rose print wrap to the rear which added real impact to the design.

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