Mint Property Investments


Corporate Identity, Print Design, Commercial Interiors.

About the Project

Mint Property Investments came to us to design their corporate identity in 2014.

They wanted to convey success and a sense of financial growth in their logo. After exploring many options we settled on the coin based design you see now. It references freshly minted currency but uses it to typographically convey the ‘m’ brand. This was paired with Lato, a Google web font that would allow it to work well in web as well as print formats. It has a sleek, modern appearance that conveys a sense of warmth and reassurance.

Both single line and stacked text versions of the logo were developed to allow it to work well in a wide variety of situations.

We designed a range of print media and site signage based on this identity. It will be rolled out to their website in the near future.

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